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Based in Perth, we can help you with any cabling, TV, telephone or wiring issue.

Rob Bluntish – Background

All Points Communications started in February 1998 after 17 years of service with Telstra. The areas I worked in Telstra were Pit & Pipe Construction and the Major Cable Division which involved installing, jointing & maintaining of major phone cables direct from Telephone Exchanges.

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Perth’s Data Cabling & Wiring Experts

A complete Perth service. Telephone, PABX, NBN, network cabling and data wiring. We can even integrate your audio-visual cabling and install digital antennas or access points for your television. Make your home a smart home.

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Installation & Fault Restoration

Installation & Fault restoration of telephone cabling in Telstra’s network & customer premises cabling in homes & small businesses. I then Despatched & Programmed Tickets of Work for Faults, Field Consultant for new installation of residential & small businesses & trouble shooting. I became a Team Leader leading teams between 18 – 20 people. I took a redundancy from Telstra as their culture changed; people were treated as resource & not as a person.

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Qualifications & Experience

I completed my Certificate of Attainment NTC019 – Category 5 Endorsement in 1998, this allowed me to carry out the cabling of Data networks. In 2006 obtained my Fibre Endorsement ICTTC010C.

After leaving Telstra my initial source of business was contracting to Telstra replacing damaged Telstra pits & installation of Telstra lead – in’s from the pit to the house. Pre-wiring new homes for telephone & installing telephone extensions. The business developed to multi dwelling single & two story developments, executive homes, multi story apartment blocks & small businesses.

Business progressed as the telecommunications market embraced new cost effective new cost effective technology that allowed businesses to invest in their future with the installation of Structured Cabling that involves the combining of telephone & data networks. Our next step in our growth was with the installations with the

  • Education Department
  • Department of Rivers & Waters
  • Private Schools
  • Regents Garden Residential Care Hospitals

Fibre Optics & Data Wiring

We’ve completed many Fibre Optic projects ranging from a single Fibre Optic run to whole networks for national & international companies & Government Departments.

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NBN Installation

The latest service we provide our clients is consulting on the NBN that’s the access into commercial & residential premises, install the conduits for the NBN fibre access (NBNCo are only allowed to install their fibre) & providing compliant enclosures to house the NBN equipment & the End Users internal communication cabling which they will use to make phone calls & connect to the internet.

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A Commercial property in Subiaco

Case Study

A Private property in Applecross

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