Lead-in / 3PPP Install

Lead-in / 3PPP Installation

Services and Policies for our Lead-in & 3PPP jobs following the rules for the placement of conduit in the ground; interconnection, bending and entry into Pits; and Testing of the Conduit as well as the rules of placing Pits in-ground and the orientation with respect to Conduits, roadways and allotments.

Area Actions Photos
SITE:  Site easily accessible  
No heavy machinery present
Onsite Forman (If applicable)
Trafficable roads  
Footpaths complete
Pit Protection in place


LID:  Stamps visible (Weight / NBN stamp)  
Keyholes free of debris
Is any rio exposed  
Visible damage
Lids sitting flush


PIT: Finish ground level  
Gasket cover
Visible damage to pit casing
Free of debris  
Crush rock bedding/base
Spreader Bards (If applicable)


CONDUIT: Appropriate compaction  
Flush with Pit wall
White Conduit wall thickness for P100 shall conform to AS/NZS 1477

White Conduit wall thickness for P20 and P50 shall conform to AS/NZS

Correct separation between conduits
Plugs / End caps
Connectivity (If applicable)

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