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The design outlines the permitted configurations and sizes of Pits and Conduit with respect to factors such as the property allotments and roadways they pass for single units, multi-unit; multi-building developments including Super Lots.

Our ServicesPolicies and Standards for designs are:

  1. Checking for existing infrastructure assets (e.g. electricity, gas and water mains) prior to the design of Pit and Conduit in a Real Estate Development Project.
  2. Considering the short and long term requirements of the area.
  3. Considering the physical properties of the site e.g. soil type.
  4. Considering the architecture features.
  5. Considering  Conduit sizes (P100, P50, P20).
  6. Considering the Pit Selection.
  7. Considering the Pit Spacing.
  8. Considering the Pit locations.
  9. Considering the Fibre-Ready requirement.
  10. Considering Residential – Horizontal or Vertical Locations.
  11. Considering Commercial / Industrial Locations.

Required docs to draw your comms design:

  • Original Site plan is required in pdf.
  • Original Electrical plan is required in pdf.
  • Land Scaping Plan in pdf. (Optional) but important to assist with design where to place the pit, lay the conduits.

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