Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring

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Install your communication pathway and wiring compatible with NBN, Maintenance and Repairs.

Find the best Pack for you

We offer different solutions according to your needs:

Smart Wiring + Fibre Bridge

All our new services include:

  • Fibre Bridge
  • Phone Points
  • Data points
  • TV Points
  • NBN Enclosure

Customise according to your needs

o We can advise and design your telecommunications equipment and points locations in a way that gives you the best performance.
o Extra TV Points
o Extra Data Points
o Extra Phone Points


All our jobs are guaranteed!! As you can see on our website; we work with well-known companies that trust us with our high standards and practices required by Telstra and NBN. All technicians are Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Accredited


Internal Wiring houses1


Internal Wiring houses2

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