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We have a large network of experienced installers and technicians around Greater Perth that can assist with new cable installation, telephone repairs & installation, broadband set-up, set-up of phone systems & equipment, TV maintenance & repair, fibre optics, pit & pipe and lead-in cabling.

Rob Bluntish – Background

All Points Communications started in February 1998 after 17 years of service with Telstra. During that time Rob worked in Pit & Pipe Construction and the Major Cable Division which involved the installation, joining and maintenance of major phone cables direct from Telephone Exchanges.

Installation & Fault Restoration

Starting out in installation & fault restoration of telephone cabling on Telstra’s network, he went on to work in dispatch & programming of fault tickets and became a go-to for trouble shooting. Rob’s extensive knowledge then saw him become a Team Leader, leading teams between 18 – 20 people.

He later took a redundancy from Telstra as their internal culture shifted, instead contracting to the telecom.

Qualifications & Experience

Rob completed his Certificate of Attainment (NTC019 – Category 5 Endorsement) in 1998, which allowed him to carry out the cabling of data networks. In 2006 he went on to obtain his Fibre Endorsement (ICTTC010C).

His initial source of business was replacing damaged Telstra pits and the installation of Telstra lead from the pit to the house. As the business grew, they went on to pre-wire new homes for telephone as well as installing telephone extensions. The business soon developed to multi dwelling single & two story developments, executive homes, multi story apartment blocks & small businesses.

APCOMS progressed as the telecommunications market embraced new cost  effective technology that allowed businesses to invest in their future with the installation of structured cabling that involved the combining of telephone and data networks. Their next step in growing was providing installations for:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Rivers & Waters
  • Regents Garden Residential Care Hospitals; and
  • various private schools

They soon became a go-to in Perth for everything data cabling and wiring.

Perth’s Data Cabling & Wiring Experts

APCOMS offer a complete cabling and wiring service to residents and small business owners in Perth. From telephone to PABX, NBN, network cabling and data wiring,  we can even integrate your audio-visual cabling and install digital antennas or access points for your television.

At APCOMS we have everything it takes to make your home a smart home and all of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

rob surfing

Fibre Optics & Data Wiring

We’ve completed many Fibre Optic projects ranging from a single Fibre Optic run to whole networks for national & international companies as well as government Departments. We provide full consultation and implementation so you’re business or home gets the best service possible.

NBN Installation

One of our latest services is providing consultations on NBN transitions for commercial & residential premises.

Rob talks about making a home in Leeming NBN compliant

Case Study

A Commercial property in Subiaco

Case Study

A Private property in Applecross


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