NBN Ready

“Either you live in a new house or existing house; you need to be prepared when NBN arrives to your area”

“Please find our services depending on the NBN technology that your premises is getting”

Check your address https://www.nbnco.com.au/ or NBN Map to know your NBN Technology type.

Be aware NBN has planned to update all connections to FTTP (Fibre to the premises) by 2023. Therefore, it is important to get your house Fibre ready because NBN might refuse connection by the time is upgraded at your premises. The main concern is with the Fibre bridge (Communications Path).

Fibre Bridge: P20 conduit from PCD to enclosure equipment (Smart enclosure, NBN equipment, wall box or mounting block). This P20 conduit protects the fibre coming inside your house.


Usually for new homes
This type of connection can be ordered if a different type of connection is planned – Charges applicable by NBN
NBN Connection Box usually in the garage with Power Supply. (Fibre Bridge)

Our Services

NBN Home Installation
Cabling your home with NBN Cabling Standards
Wire your home “Smart Wiring” with NBN Standards
Install New TV / Data / Phone Points / Back-up Battery.
Install External Wiring and Conduits (Lead-in / 3PPP).
Battery Replacement.

Uses existing phone/internet cabling.
Does not use NBN Connection Box; instead it uses a VDSL2 compatible modem provided by the internet provider.
Existing Phone and extra Data points need to be reconfigured.

Our Services

Relocate Modem Location
Install New TV Points
Install New Data / Internet Points
Install New Phone Points
Reconfigure existing Data / Phone Points to NBN standards.


Uses existing FOXTEL cabling.
NBN Connection Box connects to Pay TV and Internet Suppler Modem.
Existing Phone and extra Data points needs to be reconfigured.

Our Services

Relocate Modem Location
Install Splitter Coaxial cable
Install New TV Points
Install New Data Points
Install New Phone Points
Re-configure existing Data / Phone Points to NBN standards.

Other Services

Test, Maintenance & Faults: We are able to fix any kind of fault and test any NBN network.

New NBN Complaint points: We can provide you with TV (coaxial), Phone(CAT6), Data(CAT6) points compliant to the NBN.

Reconfiguration from Telstra Standards to NBN standards: The wiring of existing houses are different to the ones needed for NBN. It relates to MODEM location and telecommunications points in your house.

OPTICOMM / Telstra Velocity: Like NBN there are two other companies  offering high speed Internet network. These ones have a slightly different cabling standards as NBN.

Services From only $75 + GST

(Including half hour of labour) – Extra time will be invoiced 21.25 + GST  / 15 mins

APCOMS service area

NBN Ready Installations, Relocation & faults?

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