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We specialise in working with telecommunications cabling. APCOMS helps you to keep updated to make the most of it.

Maintenance / Repair Phone Faults (lines – Cable – Sockets) in Greater Perth and Surroundings.

Simple things to do /check before you call us

To prevent extra costs; the first action to take is to call to your service provider; mention “you have done an isolation test”; this helps to receive attention and make them to perform a diagnostic test which helps to confirm whether there is an internal failure at your premises.

Some of the most relevant ISPs:

Telstra Faults – call 13 22 03. Telstra Home Phone Customers (NBN Only) – call 1800 834 273. Telstra Business customers – call 13 29 99. Telstra Enterprise and Government customers – contact the Customer Care team on 1800 730 053.

Iinet Faults – call 13 22 58 – Email: Iinet Business – Call 13 86 89 – Email:

Optus Faults – Service Number of 13 39 37

or Have you tried?

to test the service in different points in your premises?

If it is in a single point; it reduces the area of investigation and it is pretty certain that the issue is in the socket or cable to that socket.

If it is in all points; it is a general issue and the problem might be localised in the external cabling.

a different equipment?
If Yes, It might help to confirm that is a cabling issue.

is there any moisture in the socket?
Yes, Internal leak has disrupted the connection of the cable and socket.

is the socket loose?
If Yes, Cables in the socket are damaged.

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions; Please do not hesitate to contact us!

APCOMS service area

Telephone Faults

75% of faults are fixed within the first hour

We attend the premises and perform an isolation test to ensure if there is an internal problem and it is not a issue from the Internet Service Provider.

Verify all points to check that it is an individual point issue or general cabling.

Check the status of the sockets

Fix the problem or provide a quote if it is a major job that requires approval.

Service Call $120 + GST

Including 1 hour of labour


All our jobs are guaranteed!! As you can see on our website; we work with well-known companies that trust us with our high standards and practices required by Telstra and NBN. All technicians are Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Accredited

Do it Right, the first time!!

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