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We specialise in working with telecommunications cabling. APCOMS helps you to keep updated to make the most of it. When moving into new premises with existing data infrastructure, you’d expect to see the cabling installation certificate to prove that had been installed by a qualified technician to the correct standard. This is not always the case for the existing data infrastructure. .

Commercial Audit

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All too often this was never installed to the correct standards in the first place, or has suffered damage in the years since it was installed.

APCOMS can audit your data cabling to ensure it still meets the required standards for Cat.5e, Cat.6 or Cat.6A performance, and advise on remedial action should any problems be found.

The other aspect of our Cabling Audit service is to identify, trace, re-route and label that tangle of patch cords that has been growing in the comms cabinet over the years, and to install retro-fit cable management to allow the neat installation of patch cords in the future.

Other major requirements of customer cabling rules & cabling rules (CPR) are that:

  • All customer cabling work in the telecommunications, fire, security and data industries must be performed by a registered cabler.
  • Depending on the cabling work performed, cablers must obtain either an Open, Restricted or Lift registration through a Registered Cabling Provider who has been accredited by the ACMA in accordance with the Rules (cabling registrars).
  • Cabling work must comply with the industry standard AS/CA S009:2013 Installation requirements for customer cabling (wiring rules). The wiring rules detail the minimum requirements for cabling installations to ensure that network integrity and the health and safety of end-users, other cablers and carrier personnel are protected.
  • A key requirement of the Wiring Rules is that telecommunications cabling is adequately separated or segregated from electrical cabling to avoid the potentially hazardous situation where simultaneous penetration from nails, screws, drills, saws, and other sharp objects may cause harmful electrical current to appear on the telecommunications cable.

The gallery below shows some examples of installations that really need our services!

Cable manager


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