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We specialise in working with telecommunications cabling / PBX Phone Systems / IP Phone Systems / 3CX Phone Systems. APCOMS helps you to keep updated to make the most of it. Home, Office, Small Business Phone Systems. new or refurbished, with full installation and configuration.


Which phone solution is right for your business?
Whether you’re looking for a small office phone system or a multi site business phone system, we can help. With a range of phone systems from the world’s leading brands (PANASONIC – NEC – LG – ARIA – SAMSUNG), we offer local service and support across Perth, let us assist you in choosing your new phone system.

Buying a new business phone system doesn’t have to be expensive
APCOMS provide the best prices and service helping you with all the steps along the way including installation, cabling, broadband & telephone line connections.

Confused with the choice? Need help sorting what your business needs?
If you are unsure what phone system package would suit your business phone requirements and budget or you can’t see something to suit your needs, APCOMS provides with guidance to select the best phone system for your company.
We will sort through the all the options and make the best recommendations for your business.

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Our certified and highly trained technicians enable us to diagnose and repair problems with the minimum amount of downtime.

We can provide your business with a wide selection of telephone system services and support:
– Maintenance: All maintenance customers have pro active maintenance monitoring activated to minimize the effect of any service disruptions.
– Relocation of Systems: Moving? We are able to – transfer your existing telephone systems to the new location with ease.
– Faults: Covering all, our team is able to fix up any loose ends around the workplace.
– Configuration: Stop working as expected. Our team configures extensions, messages, diversions and any other type of configuration of your phone system.


All our jobs are guaranteed!! As you can see on our website; we work with well-known companies that trust us with our high standards and practices required by Telstra and NBN. All technicians are registered and fully licensed.

Do it Right, the first time!!

Some of our Systems:


Hybrid IP PBX System


  • Maximum number of Telephone extensions -24
  • VOIP compatible, enabling you to make maixum use of the existing network links between offices and Cutting call costs
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables telephone system and PC to act as one co-ordinated business tool

Panasonic TDA-30


NEC SL1100 at a glance

  • VoIP technology to reduce your call costs.
  • Auto Attendant / voicemail.
  • Use your mobile to stay contactable on your office number.
  • System includes door phone /door striker / interface to on-premise alarm system.
  • Maximum of 64 handsets.

NEC SL-1100


NEC SL2100 at a glance

  • Unified messaging / Music on hold
  • Mobility / BYOD / home-working
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Audio conferencing / Video conferencing & collaboration (licence required)
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android / Plus more!

NEC SL-2100

Transition to the NBN

For existing Phone Systems

It’s come to our attention telephone companies and some IT companies are not telling the truth when it comes to explaining if your phone system is compatible with the NBN.

They blatantly lie, telling you is; your phone system won’t work, it will need to be replaced with VoIP handsets or Hosted IPBX.

 This is simply not true, Phone Systems NBN Upgrade can be done, all you need is a ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor), it is a device for connecting analogue devices such as phone system, fax machine to a digital line which your Service Provider provides through the NBN network.

 Depending on what ATA is installed it can support one or two phone lines, if you require several phone lines an IAD (Internet Access Device) is required, the IAD is supplied by your service provider.

 Instead of spending more money than you should when the NBN is connected call us and we can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

 When the NBN is connected in most cases the cabling infrastructure in your premises won’t require any work to make it compliant, but if it does we can take the headache away of making your cabling infrastructure compliant, we’ve been doing this work for a few years now.

Simplifying NBN

“New Technology – Old fashioned Service”

Let us help you transition to NBN.

You are not restricted to NBN service only and have multiple options available.

We can provide NBN service or an equivalent or superior services prior NBN availability.

It is important to know that your existing equipment doesn’t need to be replaced and ca economically interfaced to NBN services.

We can advise and provide for alternate options for services affected by the end of life copper services such as phone lines, internet / IT services, security, EFTPOS, fax and lift emergency lines.

As you transition to the new technology, one of the critical issues is quality and timely support. Along with our partners we pride ourselves on being able to provide local telephone and onsite support for all services including your existing hardware.

As we as competitive NBN/Data plans, we provide flexible VOIP telephone plans that can be tailored to your requirements with capped or pay as you go rates. Also available are competitive rates on 13, 1300, 1800 services.

Talk to us about the latest technology in VOIP telephony, access control, WiFi and Video surveillance.

If you have already connected NBN we can still assist you to get the best out of the NBN service!

Phone systems Installation or Issue?

If your dreading when the time comes you have to switch over to NBN because of all the horror stories you’ve heard call me and we’ll put together an action plan. I’ll assure you the transition will go smoothly and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.   

Contact us today – our technicians are ready to help you solve that problem.