Lead-in / Pit


Services and Policies for our Lead-in / Pit & pipe jobs following the rules for the placement of conduit in the ground; interconnection, bending and entry into Pits; and Testing of the Conduit as well as the rules of placing Pits in-ground and the orientation with respect to Conduits, roadways and allotments.


Site easily accessible
No heavy machinery present
Onsite Forman (If applicable)
Trafficable roads
Footpaths complete
Pit Protection in place

No Heavy Machinery conduit pit
Trafficable Paths & Pit Protection


Stamps visible (Weight / NBN stamp)
Keyholes free of debris
Is any rio exposed
Visible damage
Lids sitting flush

Stamps Visible pit lid
Lids Sitting Flush pit


Finish ground level
Gasket cover
Visible damage to pit casing
Free of debris
Crush rock bedding/base
Spreader Bards (If applicable)

Gasket Cover pit
Cursh rock bedding base pit and conduit


Appropriate compaction
Flush with Pit wall
White Conduit wall thickness for P100 shall conform to AS/NZS 1477
White Conduit wall thickness for P20 and P50 shall conform to AS/NZS
Correct separation between conduits
Plugs / End caps
Connectivity (If applicable)

Draw wire through conduits
Draw Wiring into pit

Required Documents for Quoting:

  • Original Site plan is required in pdf.
  • Original Electrical plan is required in pdf.
  • Land Scaping Plan in pdf. (Optional) but important to assist with design where to place the pit, lay the conduits.

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