Internet Cabling

Data Outlet APCOMS

We use high quality materials & standards to prevent any failures such as moisture, rust, breakable components or any hazard:

The cable runs through the cavity wall and it is secured up to the roof structure away from power cables. 

If the job is required in single wall; we will prove conduit and external box. Extra charges will apply.

Labour, Cable, Connectors, Velcro, Cable ties, Outlet & Plate.

We offer white and grey face-plates; compatible with any Technology NBN / ADSL / ADSL2.

All of our services are also backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For your peace of mind our technicians are:

Registered and fully licensed.

Knowledgeable & experienced with Australian Standards.

We attend the premises and perform an isolation test to ensure whether there is an internal wiring issue or is from the Internet Service Provider.

Verify all points to check that it is an individual point issue or general cabling.

Check the status of the sockets

Fix the problem or provide a quote if there is a major job that requires approval.

75% of faults are fixed within the first hour

We do not charge for the first call out if a quote is provided and accepted.

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