Compliant Designs – All Networks

Telstra / NBN have developed and unified standards for running conduits and installing Pits and other equipment (MDF, IDF, NTD, CTL, PTD).

Type of cable, dimensions and other infrastructure depending on the type of development are another key parameter in this area.


Our Lead-in & Pit and Pipe Compliant Designs will give you peace of mind and speed up your process of getting your service connected without issues.

We have experience of more that 20 years working with Telstra and 7 years working with NBN. Therefore, we could help you with the design to be able to install your telecommunications pathway compliant to the network in your area.

Telstra / NBN Design Parameters:

  • Existing infrastructure assets (e.g. electricity, gas and water mains).
  • Physical properties of the site e.g. soil type.
  • Architecture features.
  • Conduit sizes (P100, P50, P20).
  • Pit Spacing.
  • Pit locations.
  • Residential – Horizontal or Vertical Locations.
  • Commercial / Industrial Locations.

From: $ 60 + GST  per unit

It includes:

  • Design in PDF
  • Legend with installation parameters
  • Legend with equipment parameters
  • Type of Area
  • Redesigns / Updates
  • Recommendations and Instructions

Required docs to draw your comms design:

  • Original Site plan is required in pdf.
  • Original Electrical plan is required in pdf.
  • Land Scaping Plan in pdf. (Optional) but important to assist with design where to place the pit, lay the conduits.

Do you need to design your Lead-in / Pit & Pipe Telstra / NBN Complaint?

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