Lead-in & Pit and Pipe Compliant Designs

NBN / Telstra Networks

Telstra / NBN have standards for running conduits and installing pits, MDF, IDF, NTD, CTL, PTD; In addition, equipment, type of cable and dimmesions and other infrastructure depending on the type of development.

We have experience of more that 20 years working with Telstra and 7 years working with NBN. Therefore, we could help you with the design to be able to install your telecommunications pathway compliant to the network in your area.


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The design outlines the permitted configurations and sizes of Pits and Conduits taking into considerations factors such as the property allotments and roadways they pass for single units, multi-unit; multi-building developments including Super Lots.

Our ServicesPolicies and Standards for designs are:

  • Checking for existing infrastructure assets (e.g. electricity, gas and water mains) prior to the design of Pit and Conduit in a Real Estate Development Project.
  • Considering the short and long term requirements of the area.
  • Considering the physical properties of the site e.g. soil type.
  • Considering the architecture features.
  • Considering  Conduit sizes (P100, P50, P20).
  • Considering the Pit Selection.
  • Considering the Pit Spacing.
  • Considering the Pit locations.
  • Considering the Fibre-Ready requirement.
  • Considering Residential – Horizontal or Vertical Locations.
  • Considering Commercial / Industrial Locations.

Required docs to draw your comms design:

  • Original Site plan is required in pdf.
  • Original Electrical plan is required in pdf.
  • Land Scaping Plan in pdf. (Optional) but important to assist with design where to place the pit, lay the conduits.

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