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We specialise in working with telecommunications cabling. APCOMS helps you to keep updated to make the most of it. As cabling systems become larger and the need to transmit data at ever increasing rates becomes greater, the case for fibre optic cabling becomes more relevant.

New Installations

We plan, install, terminate and test using quality cabling components for a wide range of commercial and industrial network infrastructure with full warranty at better rates.

APCOMS has been installing, testing and terminating cabling infrastructures for many years and has gained the experience and expertise to enable us to offer a broad range of cabling solutions to new developments or existing premises such as office, warehouses, buildings, etc.
We listen each client’s case to give advice and create recommendations that allow clients to obtain the best benefit.

Our fibre optic cabling installation portfolio includes:

• Multimode cables (OM1, OM2 and OM3)
• Singlemode cables (OS1 and OS2)
• Tight Buffered and Loose Tube constructions
• Internal, External and Universal sheath options
• Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)
• ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC, LSH (E2000) terminations
• Specialists in Installations in trenches, Aerial Roots and existing conduits.

Our process takes in general the following stages:

  • Planning the cabling infrastructure.
  • Selecting cabling components.
  • Implementing the cabling and testing cables.
  • Building a cable routing framework for equipment racks.
  • Managing the cabling infrastructure.

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75% of faults are fixed within the first hour

Troubleshooting communications systems can be very difficult, especially with complex networks where software can add its own little quirks to what can already be a hard job.

A very common-sense way of approaching problems. This is the list:
  1. Are all the components in the correct way up or correct way round?
  2. Are all the components the correct values?
  3. Are the components loaded correctly?
  4. Have any modifications been done to the schematic which are not reflected in the board?
  5. Are you using the correct optical patchcords? Are they working?
  6. Is there any dust or contamination of optical connectors on the board itself?
  7. Have you checked the power supply voltage on the boards?
  8. Are any relevant ECNs correctly implemented?
  9. Are you relying too much on the test jig? What happens with real signals
  10. Are you working systematically? If you’ve gone into total overload and panic go home and start tomorrow!
The most common causes of fibre optic malfunctions

Anyone who’s ever done network troubleshooting knows it’s a complicated process, so it’s helpful to know where to start looking for a problem. To help you make an educated guess about the cause of your network’s troubles, here are some of the most common fibre optic cable problems with their possible causes:

  1. Broken fibres because of physical stress or excessive bending
  2. Insufficient transmitting power
  3. Excessive signal loss due to a cable span that’s too long
  4. Excessive signal loss due to a contaminated connector
  5. Excessive signal loss due to faulty splices or connectors
  6. Excessive signal loss due to having too many splices or connectors
  7. Faulty connection of fibre to the patch panel or in the splice tray

Typically, if a connection is completely dead, it’s because of a break in the cable. However, if the connection is intermittent, there are several possible causes:

  • The cable’s attenuation may be too high because of poor quality splices or too many splices.
  • Things like dust, fingerprints, scratches, and humidity can contaminate connectors.
  • There is low transmitter strength.
  • There are bad connections in the wiring closet.
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All our jobs are guaranteed!! As you can see on our website; we work with well-known companies that trust us with our high standards and practices required by Telstra and NBN. All technicians are registered and fully licensed.

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